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Use of the church facilities for weddings must be reserved with as much advance notice as possible to increase the probability that the facility will be available on the desired date. A nonrefundable deposit in the amount specified by the church office must accompany reservations. The church office will coordinate the availability of the sanctuary, chapel, and other rooms as requested as well as the availability of the pastor for the wedding and other staff members needed for the ceremony, reception, and other events associated with the wedding. Honorariums for the pastor and other staff members that participate in the wedding will traditionally be given at the time of the wedding ceremony; the bride and groom should inquire at the church office regarding amounts and appropriate timing of the presentation of honorariums.

The marriage license

A marriage License must be obtained by the bride or groom and presented to the church office at least one week prior to the wedding ceremony. The pastor will sign the Marriage License with required witnesses at the time of the wedding ceremony and will return the License to the groom. The groom is responsible for all legal filings and associated costs.

Premarital Conferences  

The pastor requires premarital counseling sessions with bride and gro

om prior to the wedding. Counseling time is reserved for the purpose of sharing Biblically based principles on marriage. It is the responsibility of the bride and groom to schedule these conferences.

Musicians and Music

Wedding music should be selected and presented to the church office at least two weeks prior to the wedding ceremony. Although it is not a requirement to use members of the church worship team for the music, it is recommended that they be consulted for information regarding sound equipment, lights, and other similar topics to ensure that the wedding is presented with high quality and to minimize problems with equipment.