Building for the future

“The God of heaven will give us success;  therefore we His servants will rise and build.” 

Nehemiah 2:20  NIV

New Day Stewardship Capital Campaign

As we plan for future growth and development of the ministry, it is incumbent upon us to address the limits that physical space places on us currently.  God has given us a magnificent assignment – the opportunity to “stretch” our faith collectively and assist in the up building and increase in His marvelous kingdom.

GGF needs a sanctuary to worship the Lord in; office space, classrooms for religious education and meeting and work spaces to serve the needs of people in our community

God is using those of us at Greater Grace Fellowship who are active and willing to give sacrificially the opportunity to provide a place for generations to hear, understand and share the message of Jesus Christ and Him crucified.  Without your assistance in pledging towards the capital campaign, this vision cannot be realized.  Thank you so much for giving in the past and seeking God at this time as well.  Pledges are strictly voluntary.  Gifts of all sizes are greatly appreciated

Take time to prayerfully seek God’s leading in your pledge and giving for this campaign.